Secure Browser Access

Centralizing security and controls by redefining access

Secure Browser Access solutions allow organizations to confidently enable mobile access to their corporate network supporting various endpoint device platforms.

In nowadays business environment, different business units, project groups, partners, contractors and guests all require secure remote access. They also require different levels of remote access and user experience tailored to their unique requirements and devices. Mobile devices and BYOD present additional challenges in providing on-demand connections for native mobile applications in a manner that keeps data secure in the corporate network and limits exposure.

Most VPNs fall short of these requirements; in contrast, Secure Browser Access solutions provide greater levels of security, a greater range of access methods, a broader range of device support and the ability to provide differentiated, identity-based access tailored to the needs of multiple communities of interest. In addition, with Secure Browser Access solution, sensitive data remains protected on the enterprise network and is accessible anytime, anywhere, so Bring Your Own Device becomes an advantage rather than a threat to security.

Anytime-Anywhere Access:


Unlike legacy VPNs that require clients on remote devices, SSL VPNs need only a common Web browser to access productivity-enhancing files and business applications. Ubiquitous SSL and comprehensive security means employees, partners, contractors and guests can utilize any device – personal, public or managed – to gain access to authorized corporate resources. Administrators may configure Web access, network-level access or access to specific client-server or thin client applications, and may configure varying degrees of access based on device type, location, security posture and roles within the organization.

End-to-End Security:


Secure Browser Access solutions provide security for data at rest and data in motion. Host-checking and end-point security scan the health and posture of remote devices before and after granting access, actively adapting policies based on IT-defined parameters to prevent data leakage. 2048-bit encryption and comprehensive AAA protect data in transit, ensure that only authenticated users have access to authorized resources and provide detailed audit reports for compliance and accountability. Moreover, integrated SSL VPN firewall capability and reverse-proxy architecture provide additional layers of separation and protection between remote devices and the corporate network.

Access Desktop, Virtual and Native Mobile Applications:


With Secure Browser Access solutions, desktop and virtual applications can be published to mobile devices in a way that prevents sensitive business data from leaving the corporate network – preventing data leakage. By connecting at the application level, smart mobile devices are kept off the network and corporate data is only exposed to individual applications.

Use Any Personal Device:


Though BYOD is in the limelight due to explosive growth in mobile computing, it is not limited to mobile devices; bring-your-own-device also includes access from home PCs and personal laptops. In addition to supporting iOS and Android mobile devices, the solution also supports remote desktop and application access from any Windows or MacOS computer. Deploying Secure Browser Access solution, businesses gain a complete solution that enables mobile access, drives productivity and mitigates the effects of business disruptions, in addition to supporting freedom of choice for employees.

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