Cloud computing has now changed the way we use our software and do our business. Major technological disruption is however only accepted if it holds benefits for your business, otherwise why change at all?

NBS Digital Technologies is in a position to understand the features and benefits from moving from an on-premise infrastructure system to a cloud-based computing system.

Cloud based computing offers improved collaboration and faster performance and businesses are assured of reaping many benefits from such a cloud-based computing. Let us elaborate:

  • Economy of scale – Implementing and maintaining individual on-premises servers are very costly. Cloud-based IaaS solutions, however, ensures cost-saving measures. The IaaS providers which NBS partners with provides cloud migration services that manage your infrastructure, migrate your data to cloud and make resources available at a cost-effective rate. Your business only pays for those services which you require. If you are therefore thinking of saving on the bottom line, moving your infrastructure to the cloud must be your first step.
  • Scalability – The feature of scalability which cloud computing has, means that your business has an allocated storage capacity which you can start, stop, access and configure your storage as you may require.
  • Emerging cloud technologies and services – Cloud providers are competitive and are constantly expanding their services to stay ahead of the latest technology. Your business can benefit from this by implementing a cloud-based solution.

Cloud-computing is in view of the above not only an innovative solution but is an absolute must for business who want to progress technologically.

Let us help you and your business transform your business through these revolutionary industry solutions and digital innovation. It is the right time and NBS is the right Technology Partner to help you to digitally enhance your computing environment and to implement the latest technology.

NBS Digital Technologies, with our vast understanding of business expectations can assist your company with your transition in using your software/ applications to its fullest extent. Our solutions will enable your organisation to make problem solving decisions and to drive effective and efficient operations.


Artificial Intelligence

AI is part of computer sciences and its main objective is to create intelligent machines.

Internet of Things

“Anything that can be connected, will be connected” – Guido Jouret. This quote sums up what IoT is.

Machine Learning

ML, a category of algorithms, assists in making software applications more accurate


Blockchain is a type of distributed ledger for maintaining a permanent and tamper-proof record of transactional data.

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