Privacy Statement

Protecting the individual’s privacy on the Internet is essential to the future of Internet-based business and the migration towards a true Internet economy. We have created this Privacy Statement to reaffirm our commitment to the individual’s right to privacy. This Privacy Statement outlines our conduct with regard to personal data. This Privacy Statement applies to and any other website which references this Privacy Statement. Some NBS entities, offerings, programs and/or websites may have their own, possibly different, privacy statements. We therefore encourage you to read the privacy statements of each of the NBS websites, offerings or programs you visit or review.

Global Privacy Fundamentals


Our privacy practices set out herein reflect current global ethics and principles on handling Personal Data. These include notice of data use, choice of data use, data access, data integrity, security, onward transfer, and enforcement/oversight. We abide by the privacy laws in the countries in which we conduct business.

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