Hospital Information

Management Solution

Functional transaction-based solution as a deviation from traditional module based for  bringing homogeneous transaction to end users’ roles and privileges.


Patient Services

At eHealth, our motto is “Patient First”. The first experience of the Patient with the hospital/clinical staff is through Patient Services and eHealth has robust features to make the patient interaction seamless throughout the hospital/clinic lifecycle.

Clinical Services

Heart of eHealth provides a range of configurable clinical services which can handle diagnostic and therapeutic care for acute and chronic conditions. Units can be designated by acuity such as emergency or intensive care or by condition such as cancer or by intervention such as surgery or by age/gender such as paediatrics or obstetric. Depending on the hospitals, a full gourmet of services such as in clinics and on ambulances is available in eHealth to ensure safe, effective and high-quality clinical services in hospitals.

Clinical Support Services

While the heart (Clinical Services) needs to pump the blood to be alive, it’s the veins that takes to blood to all parts of the body so does the eHealth Clinical Support Services providing all Clinical Support Service features to the vital programs that support patient care be it – Diagnostic Imaging, Pharmacy and Laboratory Services are all critical to determining accurate and timely diagnosis and treatment.

Diagnostic Services

eHealth Diagnostic Services enables provision of timely, cost-effective, and high quality diagnostic care in safe and secure environments. Facility based diagnostic service include physicians, nurses, technicians, technologists, administrators, as well as program assistants and analysts. Combining these diagnostic services and with superior Patient Services makes eHealth a unique product offering. eHealth provides HL7 integration with lab equipment, modalities and PACS.

Revenue Management services

eHealth provides an holistic model for management of patient billing with transparent details of the services and the charges involved in each of them. Billing module is integrated with all clinical support and diagnostics services.

Pharmacy Services

eHealth Pharmacy Services provides Prescribing Tools for Doctors and Healthcare providers which enables them to provide the preferred/appropriate drug to the patients. eHealth also provides real time inventory of medicines and allied products for enabling quick decision making.

Material management services

eHealth’s MMS allows the life cycle of procurement, inventory, transfer and payment of suppliers for both medical and non-medical materials by incorporating the best of practices in Material Managements.

Asset Management Services

eHealth’s Asset Management services allows all assets in an hospital to be categories covered which includes processes of Asset creation, Requisition, movement, retirement and disposal process. Asset maintenance, Asset tagging and tracking features are also included in the product.

Incident Management

eHealth IM provides 360 view to raise service disruption tickets to the concerned departments to resolve. Be it medical equipment, facility management, HAVC or IT services, IM modules enables all in one service monitoring and resolution

Management Information System

eHealth’s provides a vast range of management reporting covering the performance on multiple parameters. There are 100+ reports to get factual information from these reporting.


Entire upkeep of the eHealth application, i.e. commissioning and decommissioning of services, products, users and management staff is carried out using the administration module of the application.

Product Objectives


• Bring Simple and better user experience
• End user centric for ease of Use
• Integrated workflow across the functions
• Efficient monitoring Management
• Better Financial Management
• Digital transactions and Traceability
• Compliance to standards (ICD, HIPPA, HL7, DICOM)

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