This is our ETHOS

At NBS Technologies our dedicated teams comprise of knowledgeable, experienced and accountable professionals, supported by our technology partners who are ready to assist you and your business with any technological challenge.



NBS engages with companies who recognises the technological change their organisations need to transform in this rapidly changing digital age and assists them to reach their vision and goals. As a solution driven company, our primary goal is to ensure that the vision and goals which you have for your organisation, are transformed into real value through quality customer service and delivery. NBS Digital Technologies also has expertise in ERP and CRM solutions. We will work with you and your business to provide complete transparency and clarity across the engagement phase. We provide end-to-end ERP and CRM implementation maintenance and production support for a business of any size. This will help you to implement world-class systems efficiently, economically and with confidence.


NBS Digital Technologies leverage the changes and opportunities within your business and accelerates the growth in a strategic and prioritised manner with the present and future development of your business in mind. We are in a position to digitally transform your business through the implementation of Mobile Applications, Automation, Internet of Things, BOTS and Artificial Intelligence.


Your business should be driven by “Data”. Starting from Data collection to data processing to getting insights; the process should be seamless. Our Data Analytics solution plugs into your existing applications and makes your journey to a Data Driven Organisation seamless. You will be able to engage with your customers in a more informed and better way and get the insights you need into their behaviour (for example purchasing behaviour), by leveraging the plugin solution provided by NBS Digital Technologies. Our analytical section will allow you the ability to use real-time data and analytics to make informed decisions for your company.


NBS Digital Technologies can assist you with the process of modernising and optimising your computing systems. We have the knowledge and collaborate with the world’s best technological partners (like Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and Amazon AWS), to assist you and your business to upgrade and improve your existing systems. Along with these technological solutions we also have a strong consultancy arm with Subject-Matter Experts (SME), who will be able to diagnose and draft the blueprint of your IT Strategy.


With a consistently emerging enterprise, comes service expectations that are customised. This requires agility and customer focus to provide outcomes that match the value proposition which you have set for your business and your brand. NBS Digital Technologies understands these business expectations and we can assist your company in its transition from operational excellence to problem-solving decision making. Our solutions will enable your organisation to drive effective and efficient operations.

As a solution driven company our primary goal is to ensure that the vision and goals which you have set for your business are transformed into real value trough quality customer service and delivery. By developing and committing to a lifelong partnership with your organisation, NBS Digital Technologies takes responsibility for your current and future technology needs, which will allow you to focus on your core business.



Vision and Mission

Using technology to educate people and eradicate poverty, thereby building foundations to improve quality of life for current and future generations.


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Corporate Social Responsibility

We have a responsibility to ensure ethical practices in the industries it serves, and the greater good of the communities it operates in.

Our Holdings

We are a team of visionaries, enthusiasts and operators, with a value investor mentality and a long-term investment outlook.

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