Prevent and protect
unauthorized access

Zero Trust Security model provides 360⁰ real-time network defence against potential threats that may impede or paralyze the production, protecting your business and enables growth.

Protecting today’s enterprise requires greater flexibility and innovation to keep pace with increasingly sophisticated threats. As the network is becoming the center of your digital business, but it faces new security challenges. The ever-expanding perimeter is difficult to protect from today’s advanced threats, which use many tactics, from credential theft to encrypted attacks.

NBS-DT’s Enterprise Network Defence program, safeguards business-sensitive information and applications from malicious sources through combined efforts of IT strategies, software and hardware. In order for any business network to function properly and efficiently, it needs to be protected from possibly harmful traffic. Information and applications that are retrieved and transmitted over a network without protection can fall victim to a variety of attacks such as phishing, Trojan horses, spyware, self-propagating worms and the exploitation of vendor-specific vulnerabilities. Attacks such as these can hinder connectivity, slow the processing of network traffic into bottlenecks, and even potentially cause damage severe enough to crash an entire system.

With our Enterprise Network Defence (END) program, businesses are provided the preventative real-time protection they need to maintain a highly available, effective information delivery network. Along with routine system analysis practices, network security can also safeguard a system using our various network defence solutions to prevent attacks before they cause service disruptions. In the event that an attacker does gain access, security measures should be able to detect the intrusion and eliminate it before it causes any server damage.

Digital transformation has significant implications for an enterprise’s attack surface and network and security architectures.

Enterprise Network Defence (END): 

Our Enterprise Network Defence (END) program with Zero Trust concept is an advanced network security model, which is based on a strict identity verification process. NBS DT’s END framework dictates that only authenticated and authorized users and devices can access applications and data. At the same time, it protects those applications and users from advanced threats on the Internet.

This model has become more and more important for modern day digital transformation and its impact on business network security architecture.

With the modern workforce becoming increasingly on the go, accessing applications from multiple devices outside of the business perimeter, enterprises have adopted a “verify, then trust” model which means if someone has the correct user credentials, they are admitted to whichever site, app, or device they are requesting. This resulted in an increasing risk of exposure, dissolving what was once the trusted enterprise zone of control and leaving many organizations exposed to data breaches, malware and Ransomware attacks. Protection is now needed where applications and data, and users and devices, are located.

The network itself is your greatest security asset. Activate your network as a security sensor to detect and contain threats wherever they may be. Having a target on back, your reality is a constant, unrelenting barrage of threats and to combat this trend, enterprises need an adaptive security platform with zero trust model that includes multiple technologies, tightly integrated across networks, endpoints, cloud and mobile.

With our END program – Zero trust integrated security platform, organizations can customize security to prevent and detect sophisticated attacks before they have a chance to enter your network. Our Enterprise Network Defence solutions listed below provide comprehensive security architecture with flexible enforcement points for advanced protection against the latest cyber attacks:

Datacentre Security

Preventing data breaches, ensuring business continuity and integrity of the datacentre no matter where it is hosted:

Dedicated to secure datacentres hosted physically, virtually, or in the cloud with multi-layered defence approach by stopping attacks in real-time before they can reach the network.

Cloud Security (Public/Private)

Boosting endpoint security by eliminating risks posed by advanced threats:

Delivering continuous visibility & control that organizations need to detect, respond and eliminate blind spots and ensure security posture across all Cloud Platform be it Public, Private or Combination of both.

Hybrid Infrastructure Security

Cutting-edge threat detection technology designed for hybrid infrastructure:

Optimizing security consistently across by extend controls and policies from physical servers to virtualized environments and public or private cloud deployments.

Identity and Access management

Within and beyond the perimeter delivering an efficient, accurate, and secure access to corporate assets:

Providing centralized framework across, to manage entire identity lifecycle with timely access and define workflows and policies easily to automate your business processes with improved efficiency and self-service options for access requests and approvals.

PIM/PAM Solutions

Securing and Protecting Privileged Accounts and Credentials everywhere, reducing risk to organization’s most critical assets:

Monitor and record all privileged access activity with enterprise grade privileged access, session, and threat analytics management. Automate prevention & remediation of high-risk privileged activities across complex and hybrid environments.

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