Endpoint DLP and Encryption

Ensuring confidentiality and compliance with controlled distribution of Sensitive Data

Endpoint DLP & Encryption solution maintains the integrity and reduces the risk of data loss at your greatest point of risk – at the endpoint level.

Data Loss Prevention, solution stop breaches before they happen. Endpoint Data Loss Prevention gives you the broadest coverage and control, including Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints. More organizations run multi-OS environments, so they need a platform that doesn’t make coverage compromises and leaves gaps in organizations data protection strategy.

The DG agent captures and records events at the system, user, and data level, both when connected to the corporate network, or offline. Granular controls let you fine tune responses based on user, risk level, or other factors. From simply logging all actions to automated blocking, you can prevent data loss before it happens.

Endpoint DLP solution is a comprehensive, secure, and easy-to-use endpoint data loss prevention solution which monitors real-time traffic and applies customized security policies over application and storage interfaces, as well as for data discovery. It also allows security administrators to either block or monitor and log files that present a policy breach and creates forensic monitoring that allows administrators to create policies that don’t restrict device usage, but allow full visibility of content traffic.

Having Endpoint DLP solution in place, organizations can monitor user activity inside endpoint applications, such as the cut, copy, paste, print, and print screen operations. Such solutions can also monitor endpoint web activities and email, and know when users are copying data to external drives and endpoint devices.

Endpoint DLP solutions are capable of analyzing content within a user’s working environment (PC, laptop and variants) and blocks or monitors policy breaches as defined by the endpoint profiles. Endpoint DLP & Encryption Solution protects intellectual property and personal information by having more control over your structured and unstructured data with context and content awareness. It also provides Granular Control of all data moments – Limiting file transfers by size and type and restrict movement to devices/media by brand, model, or serial number. Assign access permissions and encryption methods to removable devices or media. It helps organizations to automatically block only those actions that pose a threat to the organization and maintain the pace of your business with our unique, contextual awareness.

Endpoint Encryption: Data protection with encryption for endpoints like desktops, laptops, and removable media provides allow organizations to have restricted access to their sensitive data. The proliferation of data and devices in today’s enterprises has increased the complexity of protecting confidential data, meeting compliance mandates, and preventing costly data breaches. These challenges are further amplified as more and more employees bring their own computing devices to work. Ensuring that sensitive data is secured in the case of device loss has never been more difficult.

Endpoint Encryption encrypts data on a wide range of devices, such as PCs and Macs, laptops and desktops, USB drives, and other removable media. Endpoint encryption solution combines enterprise-wide full disk, file/folder, and removable media encryption to prevent unauthorized access and use of private information. Deploying the Endpoint Encryption solution helps organizations to ensure that their data will continue to be protected as their mobile computing devices and organizational needs change.

Organizations use endpoint encryption solutions to protect sensitive information where it is stored and when it is transmitted to another endpoint. Healthcare files, bank account information, social security numbers, and home addresses are examples of information that is often encrypted.

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